The School is housed in an ‘U’ shaped building of two blocks, connected to each other with two storey’s in each block. The building has sufficient number of class rooms with ample space and good ventilation. Both the blocks are provided with Toilets for both girls and boys, separately. There is provision for supply of sufficient quantity of purified drinking water in both the blocks.
Few more class rooms have been added to the existing building in order to augment the space requirement on account of proposed higher in take of students during the ensuing years.

St.Raphael’s Square

A well spacious ground with a good roofing , seating capacity and  a huge stage where all the celebrations conducted.


A well spacious room with a good seating capacity where cultural programmes are conducted regularly.


The school has a well organized library with all modern amenities.It has a huge collection of books, periodicals and other literature on a plethora of subjects for general reading as well as reference, to enlighten the students with knowledge on the latest developments in various fields related to their studies as well as of general interest.

AV Room

To make learning easy to assimilate and effective to use, education is converted into a process of joyous learning and excitement by the use of Audio –Visual Aids. The Audio-Visual Lab is equipped with all the modern gadgets to facilitate effective learning process.

Computer Lab

The school has a well designed and well equipped computer lab with all the modern technology. A broad band internet connection is provided at the lab for the students to access, for the advancement of their academics.

Chemistry Lab:
Chemistry lab is equipped with all the facilities. The tests conducted in the lab help the students to learn the techniques in the preparation, identification and estimation of chemical substances. It helps in inculcating scientific knowledge among students.

Physics Lab:
The Physics Lab is well equipped. The experiments and the activities done in the Lab help to develop scientific awareness among students. It moulds them to be conscious, accurate and result oriented.

Biology Lab:
The Biology Lab is well equipped with charts, slides and specimens. Experiments carried out in the lab help in making the biological concepts clear to the students. The atmosphere creates a feeling of living with flora and fauna. The ambiance invites students to experience the world of bio-diversity.

Smart Class

Smart class is an innovative teaching technology. It is designed to assist teachers and enhance the academic performance of the students. The students benefit from topics in their curriculum converted into animations that they can relate to and visuals that help them to remember and retain. The program helps the teachers to meet their challenges in the classroom with practical and friendly use of technology. Smart Class creates a system that allows learning to be instantly and continuously assessed and interpreted to ensure that all learning gaps are remedied.

School Bus

The school provides its own Bus Service in four routes to make the journey of the children safe and comfortable.