In each section, we provide Friendly and caring environment, where the academic and personal well-being of each student is nurtured. We aim to prepare our students to become citizens of the world; our school is concerned with the development of the whole child as an individual and as a member of the community.  The core values of the school are international mindedness, respect for all cultures, responsible global citizenship, and equipping students with the tools for life-long learning.

Sections are as follows


  • LKG  (section A to E)
  • UKG (section A to E)


  • I -STD(section A to E)
  • II-STD(section A to E)
  • III-STD(section A to E)
  • IV-STD(section A to E)


  • V-STD(section A to E)
  • VI-STD(section A to E)
  • VII -STD(section A to E)


  • VIII-STD(section A to C)
  • IX- STD(section A to C)
  • X-STD(section A to C)

    Senior secondary

  • XI-Science
  • XI-Commerce
  • XII -Science
  • XII -Commerce