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Health & Physical Education

2019-20 Academic year report

All the activities of HPE for the academic year 2019-20 was grouped under four strands, Games, health and Fitness, SEWA and Health& activity card. Regular PE period and the additional time for sports in the evening on every working day was used for the improvements in health and physical fitness of each child. Various programs were designed and activated for all the classes with this motive in mind and special attention was given to children of classes 9 and above.


Regular practices were organized for every class in Athletics, Basketball, Football, Kabadi, shuttle Badminton, Netball and Chess. The practice sessions were formulated in a way to teach children the basics and for the children who are familiar with the game to advance their skills.

Every student who had shown promises in the games was given chance to play competitive games and the best ones were selected to represent the school in various competitions conducted inter school, district and zonal level.

Health & Fitness

Every PE hour had been started with a 200m warm up run and exercises for 15 minutes, which is modeled to improve the fitness level and health of the children. Regular update on the healthy food habits and importance of liquid intake are given to children so as to improve their health condition, throughout the year.

As a tool to evaluate the physical fitness and health condition of the students in our school, we had conducted a 7 point assessment program in December 2019 for the students of classes 1-12th. The assessment program was in line with Khelo India Fitness assessment and students were assessed in the following events. Body Mass Index, Flamingo Balance (body balance), Partial Curl ups (abdominal strength and stamina), Sit & Reach (flexibility), 600m run (cardio vascular endurance), 60m sprint (speed and acceleration) and Push ups (upper body strength and stamina).

SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work education and Action)

As part of social empowerment, various programs were organized during the academic year 2019-20.

In the month of June, as a part of “Green India” project by the directive of CBSE, we have distributed plant saplings to every child in the school and planted 12 trees in the school yard to promote nature awareness in children.

In the month of August, a half Marathon was conducted by the children of our school to increase awareness in importance of physical fitness in the community. It also helped to educate children on regular physical activity to improve the fitness level.

Month of September was specially marked with the conduction of Sahodaya Music Fest and the children were an integral part of the conduction of the event. Participation of children in the planning phase as well as in the application phase was ensured and it was a golden opportunity for the students to understand, plan and to execute their skills and to learn from others. The student volunteers of the event were highly appreciated by the Gust schools and organizers as well as the host school management.

Month of October was celebrated with Swatch Bharat movement to commemorate the 150th birth day of Mahatma Gandhi. Representatives of various classes were involved in cleaning the surroundings of our school as well as the roads nearby.  The effort was to educate children to reduce the use of plastic and proper disposal of waste material. Children collected all plastic waste from the road and disposed it with the help of municipal authority.

Month of November was marked with the school sports meet and the students were active participants in planning the event with the assistance of teachers. Senior secondary students helped in conducting the sports events for primary school students in assistance of the teachers.

In the month of January, Cyclothon was conducted to commemorate the Fit India movement by Govt of India. Children participated in the cycling event in the town to promote cycling to improve health and environment friendly transportation. It increased the use of bicycle among the students and awareness of fitness exercises.

Month of February was denoted with South India Educational conference (CONFERA 2020) in our school and the students were active participants in various capacities. Apart from being participants of the conference, students were actively involved in volunteering, assisting in various workshops as well as organizers of various exhibitions. It was one of the kind experiences for the students to participate and be part of organizing such a mega event, where more than 20 schools and 6000 students participated.

Health & Activity Card

As a part of monitoring the health condition of our students, we have prepared a Health and Activity card for each child with a special concentration to the classes 9th to 12th, after proper medical checkup by qualified doctors. The cards are archived for the future references and for aids.